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Our mission

Innovation by tradition: our capsule coffee machines, our water dispenser, our "food and beverage" products have been designed with an high technical, aesthetical and innovative content and they are adressed both to the consumer market and to the office-horeca segment. This is achieved through our synergic management of diversified technologies and an higly integrated, vertical production process. Only a solid and reliable partner can guarantee this committment in the long term.

Our know how

We hava highly diversified competencies implemented through an integrated approach; we have consolidate expertise in brewing systems, refrigeration systems and steam treatement; we internally manage plastic moulding, mechanical and elettromechanical processing; we also realize with an industrial scale both natural material processing and surfaces paintings and finishes. All this is aimed to generate continous innovation, flexibility and reactivity within productivity objective.

Our values

Innovation, design, very high quality manufacturing; everything stricly made in Italy. In every sector and market we operate accordingly to our ethical codes which is based on passion, trust and responsability. Environmental protection, energy saving and security are the principles inspiring our projects; innovation, reliability and flexibility have been the main key success factors in our history and will represent the foundation of our future.